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“Lisa Edwards has
an openness and demeanor that encourages people to relax and explore their personal purpose.”

Jim W.


Would you like to keep your best employees? Good.  You’ve come to the right place.

Reduce Employee TurnoverOn any given day,
76 percent of the workforce is seeking other employment opportunities
.  As employees wrestle with job dissatisfaction, the cost to employers grows heavy in both productivity time and the cost of replacing them.

Maintaining your competitive advantage has never been more important than in today's economic reality.  Many organizations are taking advantage of the downturn, seizing market share and recruiting to upgrade talent.  Success-driven organizations are focused on keeping key talent and top performers engaged today and retained through the downturn.

We can help.  When you work with us, you can expect results. With our experience and expertise, we help you:

  • Re-engage your employees and retain your top talent
  • Assess what turnover costs you
  • Establish what causes your turnover
  • Apply specific solutions to reduce your turnover
  • Maximize talent and increase confidence of employees and managers
  • Measure the impact of those solutions
  • Grow your business
  • Determine your return on investment

We help you engage and keep your best employees. 

We work with you to retain your top talent and ensure that your employees bloom where they are planted so that you can focus on growing and developing a successful business.

Reaching far

Bloom has helped companies from a wide range of industries—including technology and insurance, education and telecommunications.  We have worked with businesses with 60 employees to more than 60,000; with local, single-location businesses to world-wide organizations.

Helping you excel

Learn more about how our workshops and service features can help you engage and keep your best employees.   Call us at 425.576.9873 or request more information.

FREE Report: ROI of Coaching on Employee Retention

Free Assessment  Learn how coaching can positively impact your talent retention. Download today our free report: ROI of Coaching on Employee Retention and gain a better understanding of how to encourage your employees (and keep them!).

Call Us Today!We invite you to browse our site, learn more about who we are and how we work.


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